Take a break out of your workday to work your arms! Are you searching for a supportive group that will help you attain your health objectives? Be a part of the #SNAPNATION Fb group and work together with members from across the globe. 

<h2> The Exercise:

60 ON/30 OFF | Repeat Whole Sequence 3x

  • Body weight Push-ups
  • Body weight Dips (use a chair or step)
  • Excessive Plank + Shoulder Faucets
  • Body weight Supermans
  • Incline Push-ups (use a chair or step)
  • Triceps Extensions (use a wall)
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Aspect Plank Isometric Maintain

<h2> HOW TO: 

Tricep Extension: 

Face and stand a pair toes away from a wall. Lean ahead along with your palms and forearms pushing into the wall. Press into your palms and forearms into the wall to start to straighten your arms. Return to the beginning place with management. Preserve your core and legs engaged and your neck impartial. Modify your incline to extend or lower resistance. Repeat till the circuit is full.

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