Watch This SWAT Operator Tackle a U.S. Marine in an Epic Health Battle

YouTuber and lively responsibility U.S. Navy sailor Austen Alexander, is the unofficial king of navy challenges on YouTube. He is beforehand challenged Olympic swimmer Markus Rogan to attempt the Navy SEAL Screening check, CrossFit Video games Competitor Lauren Fisher to the U.S. Marine Fight Health Check, and fellow YouTubers James Charles, Markiplier, and Ethan (CrankGamePlays) from Unnus Annus, to finish the navy impediment course at Camp Pendleton. And in his newest video, he is difficult a SWAT Operator, Ken, and a U.S. Marine, Matt, to an epic health matchup that features a Battle Bunker impediment course, a 50-meter dash, and 0.39-mile 50-pound sandbag carry.

The blokes toe the road to start the impediment course, which incorporates rope climbs, rope swings, tire jumps, barbed wire crawl, and extra. Though they're neck and neck early on, Ken pulls forward and leads more often than not. He finishes earlier than Matt, with a time of 1:47. Matt finishes in 1:57, which Alexander notes continues to be greater than 30 seconds quicker than his private finest on the course. Based on Alexander, the PR for the course by any competitor he is challenged to the impediment course is 1:33.

They transfer on to Occasion 2, the 50-meter dash. They run it on a dusty flat floor subsequent to the impediment course, and from the start Matt is the clear winner.

"You dusted me," says Ken.

Going into Occasion 3, the 0.39-mile 50-pound sandbag carry, they guys are tied. So this ultimate occasion will decide the winner. Alexander provides an additional problem: the race will probably be fully uphill.

"Take it a step at a time, tempo your self, breathe, simply beat the opposite individual," says Alexander.

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The blokes maintain the sandbags on high of 1 shoulder as they run. Ken takes an early lead, however they each go all-out. About midway via, Ken pulls away. And Matt has to stroll. Ken is the victor.

"That was tough," says Ken as soon as he will get to the highest of the hill and end line. "It felt heavy. That was fairly brutal."

"I am damaged off, I am lifeless," says Matt.

Based on Alexander, each guys made it into the Prime 5 general for the course, which he says it "excellent".

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